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Kuhn Rikon Cook's Tools 16-pc. Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set
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Product Description:

Hours of family fun. Beautifully packaged in a box with photos and ideas, this set should be a popular item all year round. Decorate cakes, cookies and desserts - storebought or "from scratch". Create dozens of colorful effects: lettering, leaves, stars, etc. Drizzle melted chocolate or other toppings over your favorite desserts. Decorate dessert plates by piping small dots and dragging tip through to create hearts.

Set Includes:
  • 2 Tall Decorating Bottles
  • 3 Short Decorating Bottles
  • 5 Steel Decorating Tips
  • 5 Bottle Caps
  • 1 Frosting Spatula

Product Characteristics:

Origin : China
Size : 16-pc.

Customer Reviews: (3 reviews)

Recommended by 89% of Reviewers
Rated a "Good Value" by 89% of Reviewers
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4 professional look finish
January 20, 2014
By doris, MD
quick and easy to use. no mess. looks professionally done. great for someone doing a lot of baking
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3 Ok, for small uses and kids
June 22, 2011
By Tara, NY
I bought this so I could decorate some cupcakes for my son's birthday party, and I figured it was a good investment as he would be able to decorate some day with me, using these (as they seem simple enough for kids). I only used the push-down decorators (not the squeeze bottles), but I was very disappointed in them.

The tip popped off sometimes, and icing would fall out all over the cupcake. I have to assume that I was just not screwing the tip on entirely, so it must be partially my fault, but I was being careful (esp after it happened the first time), and it still happened. So not sure what was up with that.

It takes a long time to dry, after washing, as you can imagine. I rinsed them right away and then put in the dishwasher, and they seemed clean enough afterward, so that wasn't an issue. But it took days to dry.

The biggest annoyance was just that you could not fit much icing in the tube. If you are doing a couple cupcakes or a tiny cake, or you aren't trying to do anything fancy with it, then it would probably be fine. But I was doing 4 dozen cupcakes, and making flowers etc. on the whole top of the cupcake, and had to keep stopping to refill the bottle after maybe 4 cupcakes or so. And refilling is a huge pain. My MIL and husband were helping me and they got in a decent routine of filling, but it still took them a while. I was usually waiting for them to fill it after I'd iced whatever I could each time.

For something super cheap, this would be fine. Like a kids' decorating kit or something. and the squirt bottles probably work well for writing or whatever. But I think $30+ for this is too much.

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3 Great concept, needs tweeking
February 10, 2011
By Lesley, GA
The idea is great but trying to put the icing into these containers is very time consuming and messy...not sure that I will be using these very much.
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