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Fagor 6-qt. Electric Multi-Cooker: Stainless Steel
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Product Description:

Fagor’s 6-qt. Electric Multi-Cooker is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker and a rice cooker in one. It also features a brown and a warm function for a truly one-pot-cooking, and a six quart removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe and nonstick coated for easy cleanup.

    3 Cooking Programs:
  • Pressure Cooking Program - the pressure cooking program drastically reduces cooking time. Choose between high (9 psi) and low (5 psi) pressure to prepare a great variety of healthy meals in minutes.
  • Slow Cooker Program - use the slow cooker setting to prepare slow cooker classics such as pot roasts, soups and stews. Add ingredients in the morning and dinner will be waiting for you.
  • Rice Cooker Program - no more soggy or burned rice dishes. All your recipes will be cooked to perfection with the automatic rice cooking program.
  • Warm and brown functions
  • Programmable delay-timer for up to 8 hours
  • Self-locking lid and automatic pressure release setting for your convenience
  • The lid will not open while there’s pressure inside the cooker for safety
  • Two independent pressure control valves and anti-overheating protection for added security
  • LED screen with soft-touch control buttons
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Manual includes 40 delicious recipes for all palates
  • Requires regular 110V household power
  • ETL approved

Product Characteristics:

Capacity : 6-qt.
Cleaning & Care : Removable cooking insert is dishwasher safe.
Dimensions : 12.5x12.5x16.5-in.
Material : Stainless Steel
Model No. : 670040230
Origin : Spain
Size : 6-qt.
Volts/Watts : 110V
Warranty : 1-year

Customer Reviews: (21 reviews)

Recommended by 92% of Reviewers
Rated a "Good Value" by 92% of Reviewers
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5 Love, Love, Love this multi-cooker!
December 1, 2013
By Cady, AL
I purchased this for myself when looking for a pressure cooker. My parents always used the old school stove top pressure cooker when I was growing up. In trying to educate me as to the proper use and possible hazards, my mother ultimately instilled fear that prevented me from using one as an adult. I was thrilled to find one that included the slow cooker with the rice cooker as an additional bonus. I have used the pressure cooker and LOVE it! It makes absolutely zero noise as other reviewers have stated. I cooked a 2.5 pound roast and it took one hour including the time needed to get up to pressure. It was fall apart, cut it with a fork delicious and the clean up was a breeze. I have also used the slow cooker portion and it worked wonderfully as well but I have to admit I am obsessed with the pressure cooker! I didn't think I would use the rice cooker option but after going through the included recipe book, there are some very tasty sounding dishes that I will have to try. I have since purchased one of these for both my daughter and daughter-in-law and will probably get one for my mother-in-law if I find that she doesn't already have one. Just can't say enough great things about this cooker!
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5 Well made and versatile
February 14, 2013
By William, TX
I was convinced or the value if this pressure cooker when I made really good chicken stock in about 45 minutes. I love to cook, but I also appreciate efficiency and easy cleanup. This machine is well made, the parts fit well and logically, and even the cookbook is well written and varied. I can see using this machine for many years.
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5 This ain't your Mama's pressure cooker!
February 13, 2013
By Dana, TX
I travel all over the US with my husband's job and this one pan wonder is perfect! I can use it whether we're in a hotel without a kitchen, or a house with one! I love that I can either pressure cook a roast or slow cook a soup. I haven't tried the rice cooker yet so I cannot comment on that but if you're only going to buy one item, buy this one! You will not be disappointed!!
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4 Slow cooker
December 27, 2012
By Chuck, ID
It needs more temp control on slow cook. The slow cook is fixed, and it is too low.
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5 Big, wonderful machine.
December 11, 2012
By Barbara, MI
My friend raved about her electric multi-cooker, highly recommending me to get one. When I finally did, I found that this one was not the most popular seller, but was the highest rated. As I had seen it also recommended on a cooking show Fusion Cooking with Brad, I went with this brand. So far I am delighted. It is a wonder of versatility. I'm glad that I had a cupboard space big enough to store it, as it s a pretty big kitchen machine. I believe between its cooking of rice and pressure cooking of chicken breasts and roasts, and it's slow cooking, it will get plenty of use to justify its space in the cupboard.
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4 Overall great
November 21, 2012
By Rhonda, LA
I've tried a 5lb roast (cut to fit) and red beans. I found both needed additional time than what was posted online as a guide, not much though. I think the biggest shortfall is the time it takes to actually start cooking, about 30 minutes. With that said, it still reduces cooking time. However, I really wanted to use this for rice. I haven't done that yet and the rice setting may heat faster. But if it doesn't, adding 30 minutes would take longer than cooking it in microwave. Hope that's not the case. Love the browning feature. If you need to add time and do quick release of steam, it heats up pretty quickly again. That's a plus.
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4 electric cooker
May 14, 2012
By Elizabeth, FL
The pressure cooker works great although I've found the cooking times are listed a bit shorter than they really are in the book. Some things not quite done in the time listed so do the longest time at the very least. It would be nice to have insert to cook a cake or whatever else this pot will cook. The none stick has worked like a charm. Hope it lasts for a long , long time. This is so much better than stove top pressure cooking! Wish I'd bought it a long time ago.
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4 Multi-Cooker by Fagor
April 16, 2012
By Billy, NC
So far I enjoy the multi-cooker although I have only used the pressure cooker. The product performs as described and I don't expect that it will differ for a slow cooker or rice cooker. I am very pleased and I am sure I will get a lot of satisfaction when I use it.
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5 Life Just Got Easier
March 27, 2012
By Jeanne, CA
Been a cook, a good one if I say so myself, and have never had the pessure cooker experience. Sample beans freshly made for a pot luck, was told the flavor kept with the pressure cooking method. I'm stuck with an electric stove; didn't want a stove top model and this suits the purpose for everything....even my first tries at beans, rice mixtures, beef, it all comes out! Delicously! Next ry the slow cooker option....I'm a happy, happy camper and can now cram even more fun in my day and still have a great, nutrious meal. Thank you Fagor and to my fabulous friends who recommend products like this!
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5 Pressure Cooking
March 13, 2012
By Barbara, VA
I really like this product so far. It sure beats my Mirror I have had for 40 years. Was time to upgrade. The first time I used it for rice I messed it up, but now know what I did wrong. The second time I cooked potatoes for potato salad. Was not sure how long to let it cook, but took a guestimate and was not far off. When I first took the lid off I thought the potatoes needed a few more minutes, but they still seemed to cook after removing the lid. I wish they would include more practical basic recipes. I think I am going to really like it. Just need a little time to experiment.
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5 It's the Best
March 12, 2012
By Timothy, OR
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have used this cooker almost daily since I received it a couple of weeks ago, and have been pleased with every setting. A whole roasted chicken was cooked to perfection in under 30 minutes including prep time--I was amazed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a slow cooker or pressure cooker.
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5 More than I expected
March 7, 2012
By Tracy, AL
I was looking for an electric pressure cooker, and didn't even notice about the rice cooker/slow cooker/ browning element. When it arrived, and I saw the other things this could do I couldn't wait to try it. It makes the most perfect rice in only 6 minutes!! Even though I'm from South Louisiana, which is rice country, I never could cook rice without a huge mess. I am excited to cook again!!
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5 It's fast, quiet and easy to clean!!!!
February 27, 2012
By Jami, IL
My Mom has always use pressure cookers. I had a stove-top one for a while, but I just couldn't get over the fear of the possibility of it exploding. My boss got an electric one a couple of months ago (a different brand) and raves about it. Our life is so hectic these days that if there's a way I can make a meal faster, I'll listen to the review about it. I got this Fagor pressure cooker and LOVE IT!! The first thing I made was short ribs, Yummo and tender, even though I found out later, that the recipe we used, only said to cook them 25 - 30 minutes. Our bosses recipe said 1 hour. They were tender, but a little more time would make them fabulous! Friday night I made a sirloin roast, that was FROZEN SOLID!!! POOF!! Done in just over an hour, flipped the switch to "Brown", reduce the juices, added corn starch and "voila", gravy in about 5 minutes. It's a no-brainer, BUY THIS FABULOUS KITCHEN NECESSITY!!!!
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5 Great Essential for whole food cooking!
September 5, 2011
By JoAnne, NC
I love the cooker! We eat many vegetarian meals and no longer wanted to use canned beans. Legumes take too long to cook on the stove, and I often forget and let them burn. We have limited storage space, so this cooker is the BEST. It is great that there is a brown setting to save time and pots for cleanup. I am a newbee to pressure cooking and found the included recipe book useless! Thankfully I found a chart in an old recipe book for legumes and timing and amount of water for each by pressure cooking. I am also diabetic and need recipes that include nutrition information. Please Fagor, you make a great product...but how about some basic instructions!
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5 Great Cooker
July 31, 2011
By craig, CA
This product is fantastic. After getting and using this cooker, we gave our crock pot, pressure cooker and rice cooker to our daughter. Its simple to use and cookes perfectly. I would highly recommend this multi cooker to any one who wants to save space and makes great meals.
16 of 18 users found this helpful. Was it helpful to you ? Yes |  No
5 6 qt Multi-Cooker by Fagor
September 1, 2010
By Shanon, TX
I have used it most of the couple weeks I've had it...Once it trained me, I LOVE IT. My daughter ran out to get one too.
4 of 7 users found this helpful. Was it helpful to you ? Yes |  No
April 29, 2009
By Laura, CT
I am very pleased with the slow cooker and pressure cooker. So far I am not pleased with the rice coooker feature. I purchased this item thinking great I can make a meal in no time and keep it warm while I make rice. The rice comes out to sticky for my taste, nothing even remoted close to if you were cooking it on the stove top. I am still trying though. I recently purchased a different brand of rice to try. I think it is great for the slow/ pressure cooker but I was expecting more from the rice cooker.
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5 Luv It!!!
March 23, 2009
By kim, TX
I sent this item to my kids and they just love it.....I would like to have one for myself so I can see what the fuss is about. :)
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3 came with no manual?
January 31, 2009
By Terrence, MA
The product looks all nice and shiny but the only instructions came as a stick on label, which I removed so as to not have it baked on and ruin the surface... not well thought out..
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5 fantastic appliance
January 17, 2009
By emmet, CA
I have used this porduct as a slow cooker, rice cooker and pressure cooker. I think it does a fantastic job.
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